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My top 10 softwareHere is a list of the tools I know and love -- and sometimes can't live without. Whether you're a typical user, power user, or developer, there's something for everyone. Check them out and let me know your thoughts. I'm interested in any tools that might help me get the job done more efficiently and effectively.

[Nov 6, 2008]
It's been a while since I've updated this list, so I figured I'd make a quick run-thru to get it up-to-date.

[Feb 24, 2008]
Just added Texter to the up-and-comers section. I also added a note about some IE7 Pro scripts I've been working on.

[Jan 22, 2008]
I added TimeThis to my up-and-comers section. While the tool has a use, I'm not sure how much I'll need it. I mainly wanted to keep track of it for later.

[Sep 1, 2007]
I just added the Sysinternals suite of tools, a new up-and-comers section for tools I'm watching or just trying out, and a few extensions I like for PowerShell and Reflector.

[Aug 28, 2007]
I just added an interesting new tool to the mix: Wakoopa. Check out "my top 10 software" on the right for an idea of what it does.

[Aug 1, 2007]
I added the recently updated Office Compatibility Pack for Office 2007 file formats to the productivity section and Reflector and Regionerate to the development section. The first two are old tools I'm just getting around to adding, but Regionerate is a new one (at least for me). If you're not familiar with it, the tool formats code into regions. This is something I think I'll grow to love very quickly. I also updated several tools in the development and IE add-ons sections as well as the entire CM section, to include the TFS and just-announced Team System Web Access power tools.

[Jul 2, 2007]
Don't ask why I didn't add this before, but I finally added PowerShell to the list. It's been a favorite for a while, so forgive my tardiness in adding it to the list.

[Jun 19, 2007]
I've been meaning to check out Clutter Cloak for a while and, now that I have, I'm dropping Dropcloth. You should definitely check this bad boy out, if you like Dropcloth.

[Jun 1, 2007]
I finally decided to stop in and do some spring cleaning. I updated the Productivity section and added FolderShare. I also moved Yod'm 3d to the Windows section. Hopefully, I'll make it thru the rest of the sections to add necessary updates. I also have a good-sized list of tools I'd like to add to the list, so I'll try to get those on, as well.

[Mar 30, 2007]
Of course, right after I update the Start++ info, a new website and release come out. Luckily, there's another cool tool to add to the list: Yod'm3D, a Windows desktop manager. While fairly new, this one is pretty nice. I'm looking forward to seeing it grow.

[Mar 24, 2007]
I've added a link to the new Start++ wiki site, updated the tool's version number, and added FireBug to the Firefox extension list.

[Mar 7, 2007]
I had to add Start++ once I saw it. I've been looking for a tool like this for a while. I started looking into how to do this without a custom app, but never really got around to finishing up that investigation. Now, I don't have to! If you want a keyword-supported program launcher, look no further than Start++ on Vista. With this update, I'm also getting rid of Ink Desktop.

[Mar 3, 2007]
Just added a Vista/Office 2007 preview handlers for PDFs and code. There are two code preview handlers, so I still need to look at both and compare how well they work.

[Feb 12, 2007]
I've added Windows Live Toolbar to my list of IE add-ons. This one's not for everyone. Read on for more details.

[Feb 7, 2007]
I just came across a new IE add-on called IE7 Pro. I had my doubts but gave it a whirl and am very impressed. I like the way it works and it definitely has a few features I've been wanting for a while, so I decided to add it to the list. We'll see how it goes over the coming weeks and months. I also added an old tool I've been using for a while, SmartFTP, and updated some tool descriptions.

[Feb 13, 2007]
I just added a new and an old tools: Windows Vista Ink Desktop and the Save as PDF or XPS add-in for Office 2007. I'm excited about trying Ink Desktop becuase I've been wanting something this simple to make quick notes on my tablet. This sounds ideal. The Save as PDF/XPS add-in used to be a part of Office 2007, but was pulled out when in beta due to Adobe pitching a fit. Either way, this is a very useful add-in to have.

[Jan 30, 2007]
I've changed the layout and organization of the page as well as added a few tools. I need to do a better job of keeping this up-to-date. There are still a number of tools I need to add to the list. Hopefully, I'll get them added within the next month or two.