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The Contract

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The ContractJohn Cusack isn't really an actor I associate with action movies, but he did a good job in The Contract. Of course, his character wasn't really intended to be your typical hero; he was supposed to be an average Joe. I thought the back-story about the father/son bonding trip to the woods was a nice touch, albeit a tad cheesy. Either way, the movie was better than I expected. Well, to tell the truth, I didn't expect much of anything. As I kind of hinted at, this one isn't overly action-oriented, so I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a mild action movie. My only complaint was the personable nature of the hitman. Not that I'm saying a hitman has to be cold-hearted, but it just seems contradictory. At the same time, I liked the fact that he was that way, so maybe that's not really a complaint, but just something unexpected I had to get past.


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Watching Goodfellas Mobile-ready link was like watching a rerun... err, pre-run of Sopranos Mobile-ready link. I was surprised at how many people were in both. I have to admit that I don't see why this one was hyped up so much. Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie, but I've seen better. Perhaps it was more about when it came out. It was nice to see what others have been talking about, tho. Seeing it also made TechFellas, an IT spoof of Goodfellas, make a lot more sense... go figure. If you haven't seen it, check out TechFellas.

Batman Beyond

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For any Batman fans out there, Batman Beyond Mobile-ready link is a must see. The series didn't last too long and it comes with the typical children's cartoon twist, of course; but it's enjoyable nonetheless. As usual, I liked the comments that referred back to the old Batman -- kind of like the bits thrown into Smallville. I guess my only real complaint is with the villains. This isn't new with Batman and, arguably DC Comics as a whole, but there seems to be a lack of creativity when it comes to villains. All too often, you saw the same villains back again doing the same thing. Not that I expected a new villain every episode, but I guess I would've liked something more. Of course, this is a children's cartoon, so perhaps I'm looking for too much. That also comes into play when you consider the fact that there is very little that ties one episode to another. There are a few things that carry over, but not enough to make you want to come back to see what happens. This is where series really get their hooks into viewers, but cartoons rarely, if ever capitalize on.

Live Free or Die Hard

By Michael Flanakin @ 2:37 PM :: 1880 Views :: Action / Advneture, Thriller, Crime :: Digg it!
If you're a Die Hard Mobile-ready link (2 Mobile-ready link, 3 Mobile-ready link) fan, Live Free or Die Hard Mobile-ready link is definitely something you should make a point to see. Hell, if you like action movies, you need to see it. This is the most action-packed movie I've ever seen. Sure, there were moments you wanted to roll your eyes at impossibilities, but I guess I've learned to live with that. If you've seen Transporter 2, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I wanted so much to hate Justin Long's Mobile-ready link character, but I couldn't. It was also nice to see Kevin Smith Mobile-ready link in the movie. He always plays interesting characters. Bottom line is, if you haven't seen this one, see it.

Knockaround Guys

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With Sopranos Mobile-ready link finished, I've gotta get my mafia fix from somewhere. For this, Knockaround Guys Mobile-ready link was perfect. The plot's got its twist, of course, but the story's all the same. In this movie, a mafia under boss' son looks to give the life a try. He's stayed away for a while, but is seemingly being forced into it. I found the whole situation quite ironic. In the end, it's a good story, tho. There was really only one part I didn't like, which was Teddy's decision towards the end, but I guess I can see why he'd make that decision.

One of the reasons I wanted to watch Knockaround Guys was because of the cast. John Malkovich Mobile-ready link was perhaps the best actor with Dennis Hopper Mobile-ready link behind him; but, honestly, they weren't the ones I was interested in seeing. I guess I got the movie because I like Vin Diesel Mobile-ready link in the tough guy roles he always seems to play; Seth Green Mobile-ready link was just an added bonus; and, I'm not sure why what I know Barry Pepper Mobile-ready link from, but I like him, too.

Ocean's 13

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I don't remember much of Ocean's 12 Mobile-ready link, but I will say that 13 Mobile-ready link was better. It was definitely a good sequel. If you enjoyed Ocean's 11 Mobile-ready link, you'll want to check this one out. Honestly, I'm surprised they were able to squeeze two more movies out of it, but that's Hollywood for ya. These days, it seems like they're starting to run out of ideas. You're hard-pressed to find a truly original movie concept. Either way, I don't see a fourth on the horizon, but I wouldn't be surprised. If they did go for another, I'm thinking we might have to get out of Vegas for once.

The Sopranos (Season 6, Part 2)

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You've gotta be kidding me, right? The second half of The Sopranos Mobile-ready link season 6 Mobile-ready link was pretty good until the end. But what happened? It's like the budget ran dry or something. There was a lot to cover and I was definitely watching the clock, trying to figure out how they'd wrap it all up with what little time was dwindling away. I was very surprised to see the series end like that. And, from what I understand, there are no plans for a movie or anything, so that was it. Then again, we've all seen movies pop up from nothing. In a sense, that could be a good idea. Leave people wanting more to drive a following behind the movie you "aren't going to make." Then, when you do make the movie, everyone will want to see it. It's been done before. Either way, it was a good second half, so you'll definitely need to check it out.

Lucky Number Slevin

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I'm not really sure why I decided to rent Lucky Number Slevin Mobile-ready link. Not that I thought it'd be bad, but I didn't think it would be all that great, either. In the end, it wasn't what I thought and turned out better than I expected. I don't want to give too much away, but the ending had an intriguing twist that made up for it being kind of slow in the beginning. I still would've hoped for more with the cast it had. If you get the opportunity, watch it; but I wouldn't suggest rushing out to grab it.

If you liked Lucky Number Slevin, I'd suggest Confidence Mobile-ready link.

Dead Presidents

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I remember wanting to see Dead Presidents Mobile-ready link when it came out, but, after watching it, I have to admit that it wasn't what I expected. I'm not really sure what I was thinking, but I guess I thought it would have more robberies. While I guess the movie might have wanted to make you ask yourself what you'd do for money, I just don't see myself siding with Anthony, the main character. The story does flow together well, but I'm not sure I understand what the point was. If I remember correctly, there were a surge of urban movies out around this time and a number of them were pretty good. Perhaps that's why I expected this one to be better. All-in-all, it was ok. If you like Lorenz Tate Mobile-ready link, you'll probably enjoy it. Chris Tucker Mobile-ready link was in it, but not in his typical comedic role. There were a number of others that I recognized, but I won't get into the casting.

If you liked Dead Presidents, I'd suggest Mennace II Society Mobile-ready link, Boyz n the Hood Mobile-ready link, and Set it Off Mobile-ready link, in that order.


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Haven Mobile-ready link was decent, but nothing special. I liked the fact that the story was told twice and you got the chance to see it from two angles. I find stories like that interesting because you get a chance to notice where the stories intertwine and why certain things happened. The ending was kind of lacking, tho. I wasn't really sure what to think of it. I understand why it happened, but what now? What's she going to do? And why is homeboy still around? By the way, I left names out for a reason :-P

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