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The Mist

By Michael Flanakin @ 5:10 PM :: 2380 Views :: Horror, Sci-fi / Fantasy, Thriller :: Digg it!

The MistI expected The Mist to be a bit cheesy. Well, not the whole movie, but the sci fi back-story. I was glad it didn't turn out that way, tho. The movie was pretty good. It reminded me of Feast -- except for the fact that this one wasn't written by horny teenagers. The best thing about the movie is how it did a good job of bringing you into it. The movie was also mildly emotional. I say mildly because, while I felt involved, I guess it wasn't enough to really move me the way I thought it should've. Aside from that, there was definitely a dramatic ending. I was half expecting the movie to end [spoiler level="medium-high"] with the group driving off into the mist. [/spoiler] I'm not sure if that would have been a better ending or not. I guess I'd have complained because I would've wanted more. The way it went down was definitely an interesting twist. I kind of saw it coming, but wouldn't say it was horribly obvious. The only other thing I'd say is that I wouldn't have done the same thing.

Bridge to Terabithia

By Michael Flanakin @ 11:37 PM :: 1049 Views :: Drama, Sci-fi / Fantasy :: Digg it!

Bridge to Terabithia wasn't quite what I expected. I was thinking it was going to be a bit more like The Chronicles of Narnia. Specifically, what I'm referring to was the fact that the fantasy world of Terabithia was all in their heads. I also didn't expect what happened to Leslie. All-in-all, the movie was good. I'd definitely recommend it.

If you liked Bridge to Terabithia, I'd recommend The Chronicles of Narnia.

The Immortal

By Michael Flanakin @ 8:51 PM :: 1029 Views :: Action / Advneture, Sci-fi / Fantasy, Television :: Digg it!

The Immortal Mobile-ready link is what you get when you mix a little Highlander Mobile-ready link with a cheap vampire movie and throw in a dash of "what the hell?" Of course, we can't forget the crappy acting. The whole time I was trying to figure out what the point was. I originally got the movie and kept thinking about how it seemed so much like a TV series. Low and behold, it was. Apparently, the movie is just the first two episodes. The rest of the series held true to the cheap, Highlander rip-off impression I initially got. Unless you're a die-hard Lorenzo Lamas fan or just a sucker for pain, you might as well stay away from this one. It's not absolutely horrible, but I wouldn't call it good by any means. If you're bored and it's just sitting there, watch the movie. Like I said, the rest of the series is pretty much the same, so you'll get the gist of what you're "missing."

The Invasion

By Michael Flanakin @ 10:46 PM :: 949 Views :: Sci-fi / Fantasy, Thriller :: Digg it!

I didn't really think about this before watching the movie, but The Invasion Mobile-ready link is just another zombie movie. Granted, it's an new, interesting take on zombies, but a zombie movie nonetheless. I'd probably say this is more of a "smart" zombie movie. By that, I mean the "zombies" aren't just looking for brains to feed on, but have goals of taking over the world. Who doesn't nowadays, right?

The Invasion had a feel of 28 Days Later Mobile-ready link mixed with another movie I can't quite put my fingers on. If you get a chance, I definitely think you should check it out; even if you don't like zombie movies. Like I said, this one isn't simply about running away from dead people. The only thing I didn't really like about it was the quick scene covering the cure. These movies seem to speed thru the recovery period like it wasn't even a big deal. These scenes are almost anticlimactic, but I can't quite imagine a better way to cover it. Maybe it's just me, tho.

I would be interested in a sequel for this one. With the premise for why the cure was possible, a sequel has a chance to be better than the original. This wasn't really hinted at, but it was the first thing I thought of in that last scene. I won't really touch on why I feel this way so not to ruin it for you, but we'll see.


By Michael Flanakin @ 9:26 PM :: 2057 Views :: Action / Advneture, Sci-fi / Fantasy :: Digg it!

I definitely enjoyed Transformers Mobile-ready link. I'm guessing a lot of the negativity about the movie probably comes from people expecting a lot out of it. Perhaps this is why I wasn't disappointed; I didn't expect much at all. I was annoyed at some of the pot shots they took at the government; I just thought it was fairly tasteless. There was a lot of product placement, but I wasn't worried much about that. I did leave the theater wanting a Chevy, tho. Talk about product placement, that was a very smart move for Chevy. To bring it back to the movie, I might add that the camera work was a bit too shaky for me. This is pretty much the same as in The Shield Mobile-ready link, which I find annoying. This has been getting more and more popular for some reason, but I have no idea why. Actioin movies are not the right place to do this type of camera work. I'm assuming they want you to feel like you're more involved, but it's just hard to follow what's going on. I also didn't like how overly complicated the transformers looked and the transformations were.


By Michael Flanakin @ 10:47 PM :: 993 Views :: Horror, Sci-fi / Fantasy, Thriller :: Digg it!

1408 Mobile-ready link was an interesting movie. The ending wasn't quite what I expected, tho. I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but I guess that's a good thing. If you're into horror/thriller movies, you should definitely give this one a chance. It's not your everyday horror, tho; I'd say it's more of a thriller than anything. Either way, it was good.

Deja Vu

By Michael Flanakin @ 5:28 PM :: 940 Views :: Action / Advneture, Drama, Sci-fi / Fantasy, Thriller :: Digg it!

I almost didn't watch Deja Vu Mobile-ready link because I thought I'd already seen it. Is it just me or are Denzel Washington's Mobile-ready link movies starting to run together? You're pretty hard-pressed to find two that don't have similar concepts. Anyway, I'm glad I watched the movie because it was quite interesting. The concept was that the government is funding a project that allows them to see what happened four days ago, if I remember correctly. I don't want to dig into it any more than that, tho, because it might give away some hints I feel like are nice surprises. Let me just say that there's a bit of a scifi twist in this one that I didn't expect. If you've avoided this one because of Denzel's past movies, but typically like scifi, I'd say give this one a chance.


By Michael Flanakin @ 9:18 PM :: 778 Views :: Sci-fi / Fantasy, Thriller :: Digg it!

I didn't expect much when I went to go see Sunshine Mobile-ready link; the trailer didn't say a whole lot. The scifi nature of it is honestly what made me go see it. I was somewhat surprised to see four people I recognize from other movies. Granted, none are huge names, but they have all been in big movies. Despite all that, the movie was still somewhat slow. I kind of expected that for some reason, tho. I kind of got an Event Horizon Mobile-ready link meets Hellraiser Mobile-ready link feeling from the movie. You probably won't get that until the latter part of the movie, tho. Honestly, neither perception truly fits this one; but I have a feeling that if you liked them, you'll probably like this one. I felt like it was so-so; but I felt the same about those other movies.

Speaking of Hellraiser, looks like there's going to be a remake Mobile-ready link. As a huge Clive Barker Mobile-ready link fan, I'm definitely signing up for this. I just hope it's overly successful and that he follows that up with a Nightbreed Mobile-ready link remake. Nightbreed was based on the short story Cabal, which is my all-time favorite book.

If you liked Sunshine, I'd recommend Event Horizon.

Carnivale (Season 1 and 2)

By Michael Flanakin @ 12:25 AM :: 786 Views :: Drama, Sci-fi / Fantasy, Television :: Digg it!

I can't remember the first time I heard about Carnivale Mobile-ready link, an old HBO series, but it definitely piqued my interests. I finally got around to watching season 1 Mobile-ready link and I couldn't put it down. Within a matter of days, I knocked it out and picked up season 2 Mobile-ready link almost right away. The series seemed to fit perfectly into two seasons until the last five minutes of the last episode. I honestly thought it was all going to end on a perfect note. That last five minutes really killed it for me. Then again, perhaps the writers got just what they wanted... they left me wanting more. This was indeed a fascinating series and I'd suggest it to anyone who has a mild interest in scifi. This is one I'd also expect to be somewhat appealing to those who don't typically go for your everyday scifi series, so if you're into drama at least give this one a chance. The only caveat I'd throw in there is that you probably won't get the fever after watching one or two episodes. This one has more of a long-term interest that builds.

Highlander: Search for Vengeance

By Michael Flanakin @ 4:06 PM :: 735 Views :: Action / Advneture, Anime / Animation, Sci-fi / Fantasy :: Digg it!

Highlander: Search for Vengeance Mobile-ready link was action-packed, but it just couldn't keep my attention. Granted, I was working on two other things at the time, but I had higher hopes. One thing I thought was odd was the fact that they chose a new character for this one. I thought they said Colin early on, but figured I imagined it. Then, I noticed they had a flashback to 125 AD, and I'm pretty sure Connor wasn't alive that early. Anyway, it turns out I must've imagined that it was about Connor MacLoed. In that case, I guess it does fit in fine with the story line of the movies... not that it tries. I was kind of disappointed that they made this a bit too anime-like. Some of the immortals were more creature-like than human. Maybe it's just me, but I liked the human aspect of it all. I think that brings it closer to home. Some of the most popular sci-fi/fantasy plots are based on what could be the audiences' everyday lives. Did anyone walk out of Transformers Mobile-ready link and not think about how cool it would be if your car was a robot? Ok, maybe I'm just a dork. I better quit while I'm ahead... or not...

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