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Compare Diff Utilities

By Michael Flanakin @ 2:48 PM :: 91058 Views :: Comparisons, Tools & Utilities :: Digg it!

After one aggravation after another, I decided to look into what free and open source diff utilities were out there. This is that review. I've tried to keep it up; but, as usual, I don't know about every diff utility around. Let me know if you find any problems or know of new tools I should add. You can also feel free to discuss your thoughts on the diff utility forum.

Most recent update: Added DiffMerge and corrected data inconsistencies.

Updated Jul 30, 2007

Compare Web-Based Issue Trackers

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Here's my review of known web-based tracker tools. I'm looking for a generic tool that can be used for anything (i.e. bug tracker, feature request tracker, and tech support/trouble ticket tracker). If you notice any discrepancies, please let me know. Thanks!

I just reworked the way the comparison table is rendered, so updates will be easier to make for me. Another benefit will come with time as I add capabilities to allow users to alert me of changes easier. When updating everything, I added the license column, based on a suggestion from David Besonen. Thanks, David!

[Jan 29, 2007]
I just brought my previous comparison over to my new site. During this migration process, I updated most data, as well. After catching up with the comments/email I've had, I've updated almost everything. I have a handful of new trackers to add, so I'll try to get to those within the next month. Thanks to all who've contributed! I've also created a discussion forum for those who have questions and comments and would like a more interactive way to discuss these things.


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My top 10 softwareHere is a list of my favorite tools and utilities. I will be continually updating this list with new versions and hopefully new tools. Let me know what you think about these or any other tools you like. I'm mainly keeping it as a reference point for myself when I use new computers, but hope that others can take advantage of it as well. Click thru for the list...

The "top 10 software" list on the right is compliments of Wakoopa, which tracks what software I use on most of my computers. Pretty nifty.

Most recent update: Various version updates.

Updated Nov 6, 2008