Back on Top

By Michael Flanakin @ 8:46 AM :: 2362 Views :: LSU :: Digg it!
Looks like LSU's back on top. While I missed the last game, I have to admit the team hasn't been playing at a #1 level. Despite that, I am glad to see them up there. We'll see how the next two weeks pan out, tho. The next game against Ole Miss is a gimme, so I'm just hoping the Tigers don't get cocky. Arkansas can be a tough game, so they'll need to be on the ball to hold that #1 standing. I think the bigger question is how Oregon and Kansas will do. Kansas isn't really a football team, so I'm surprised to see them at 10-0. Their big game will be with Missouri in two weeks. Of course, the last game of the season is always a big one. This is where we'll see the most movement, I imagine. It should be exciting!