Here We Go Again: EU vs Vista

By Michael Flanakin @ 5:01 PM :: 2327 Views :: Technology, Microsoft :: Digg it!

Now Adobe is joining the EU fight against Microsoft for the deployment of Vista. Adobe, along with Symantec, is attempting to coerce the European Union (EU) into not allowing Vista to ship. Both have two separate reasons. While Symantec's argument is old news, Adobe is new to the argument.

Apparently, Adobe is worried about maintaining its PDF marketshare. I'm not sure what side Adobe is arguing, tho. It looks like the argument could be that Vista is supposed to have PDF reading and writing software; but unless that is new to post-RC1 builds, this is wrong. Whether or not the PDF reading/writing argument is there, I do know Adobe has an issue with the included support for XPS documents. XPS is an "open" format that separates content from formatting. If you're curious about it, get a hold of one and rename it to .zip. This is what I mean by "open." I'm not sure if there is a published standard for it or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if one does come out. Back to the Adobe argument, tho, I honestly don't think there's an XPS document writer built into Vista, either. There is a reader, tho: IE7. I think this is ingenious; especially, when you compare it to Acrobat Reader, one of the slowest loading pieces of cra... I mean, software on my machine. And, given that all it does is display documents, that just makes it worse. Anyway, I can understand Adobe's argument about its inclusion, but they're picking the wrong fight. With no capability in Vista to write either document format, half the argument is bogus. Office does have this capability, but as far as I've seen, Vista doesn't. Adobe seems to be confusing the two. And, as far as reading the formats is concerned, the XPS reader will be available in any OS that supports IE7 -- I don't know if it'll be back-ported to IE6 or not. So, this means the issue isn't in Vista alone, but the IE bits of XP, Vista, and any other IE7-supported version of Windows. Thus rebutting Adobe's argument against Vista. Sure, they may have a valid argument, but not in the arena they're raising the issue. They're grasping for straws, just like Symantec.

Now, back to Symantec. I touched on this before and nothing's changed. I do have to point out one quote from Symantec, tho. Apparently, Cris Paden, of Symantec voices the companies opinion that Microsoft's change in the underlying operating system is to prevent security software companies from protecting systems against security threats. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. The reason Vista's underbelly has changed is to stop hackers. Perhaps Paden is saying that Symantec is synonymous with hacker. Hmm... If that's the case, Paden is right.