The Contract

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The ContractJohn Cusack isn't really an actor I associate with action movies, but he did a good job in The Contract. Of course, his character wasn't really intended to be your typical hero; he was supposed to be an average Joe. I thought the back-story about the father/son bonding trip to the woods was a nice touch, albeit a tad cheesy. Either way, the movie was better than I expected. Well, to tell the truth, I didn't expect much of anything. As I kind of hinted at, this one isn't overly action-oriented, so I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a mild action movie. My only complaint was the personable nature of the hitman. Not that I'm saying a hitman has to be cold-hearted, but it just seems contradictory. At the same time, I liked the fact that he was that way, so maybe that's not really a complaint, but just something unexpected I had to get past.

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