Consolidate and Integrate WL Storage

By Michael Flanakin @ 4:17 PM :: 3039 Views :: Windows Live, (Open), (Unreported) :: Digg it!

I like the fact that Hotmail now supports 5 GB, but SkyDrive is limited to 500 MB. 500... megabytes!? You've gotta be kidding me, right!? Well, I guess I'll get over all that because I know that limit will be raised in time. What I'd really like to see, tho, would be to have all of my Windows Live storage grouped together. That way, I have 5 GB across everything. I imagine this including mail, SkyDrive, and even files I'd like to upload on Spaces. I think Google just did this and I have to commend them for it. I'm sure some would like 5 GB on each individual service, but I don't need that much. I'm also hoping this would add additional integration between the services to allow me to attach SkyDrive files in email and/or show them on my Spaces profile.