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I was just telling a co-worker how, despite the fact that it hasn't been said, I believe WPF will be the future of Windows development. This seems obvious, but my initial take on WPF was that it was merely another option. I even question a potential attempt to relace the myriad of web development technologies with a XAML development experience. I don't see this being overly successful, but the idea of a single development model intrigues me. If that were to happen today, it seems like XHTML + JavaScript would have more potential. Either way, I don't see it happening any time soon.

Whether or not we see a single language span Windows and web, it looks like we have something new to look forward to. Apparently, Microsoft is looking into yet another UI platform. I seriously question why, but welcome the change. I'd really like to know what WPF is missing that requires a new platform. At this point, tooling is my only real complaint about WPF.


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Yo decía a un amigo cómo pienso WPF será el futuro de desarrollo de Windows. Parece obvio, pero mi primera impresión fue que WPF era simplemente un otra opción. Dudo un intento substituir la miríada de las tecnologías de desarrollo de Web con XAML. Dudo que esto esto fuera acerto, pero la idea de un modelo desarrollo me intriga. Si ése era pasar hoy, parece XHTML y JavaScript tendría más potencial. Cualquier manera, dudo pasará pronto.

Independientemente de si vemos una lengua para Windows y Web, parece tenemos algo nuevo anticipar. Al parecer, Microsoft está investigando un otra platforma de UI. No sé por qué, pero abrazo un cambio. Quiero realmente saber que WPF falta que requiere una plantforma nueva. Las herramientas son mi solamente queja de WPF.