NCAAF Coming to a Close

By Michael Flanakin @ 5:29 AM :: 1809 Views :: LSU :: Digg it!

Sitting in front of the last game of the regular season, LSU is #1 and Kansas is #2. I mentioned before that I'm completely surprised at Kansas' comeuppance this year. I haven't been watching the team over the years and now I'm wondering if this has been building up or just a singular great run. Either way, the definitive game of the season will undoubtedly be Kansas vs. #4 Missouri. I don't mean to lessen the value of the LSU vs. Arkansas game, but I expect, win or lose, LSU and #9 Georgia will be meeting, once again, for the SEC championship. I guess the only thing left is #3 West Virginia. Maybe I'm just biased because I'm from Louisiana and went to high school in Kansas, but I have no idea why West Virginia is even up here. I'm looking at the teams they've played and I'm not impressed. If this team gets past the conference championship, I'll be surprised. Beyond that, I'd put money on the fact that they don't make it out of the BCS bowl alive.