It's Unanimous!

By Michael Flanakin @ 12:49 PM :: 1767 Views :: LSU :: Digg it!

Well, looks like, after a week of questioning LSU's position in the Associated Press rankings, it's become unanimous across each of the major college football ranking systems: LSU is #1. This past game was an important one for the team. LSU came out strong this year, killing the competition in 4 of its first 5 games, which included a game that was expected to be the best non-conference match this year -- apparently, someone forgot to tell Virginia Tech that. All-in-all, these seemed fairly easy games for the Tigers. This is perhaps why I was worried. The team has a history of getting a little too cocky. Heck, the first half of the season is always the easiest, so this obviously kick-starts their adrenaline to a dangerous high. With Florida experiencing a bad in-conference loss to Auburn costing them 5 spots, I knew the Gators would bring it to this match in a fiery attempt to prove their worth. This just spelled disaster to me. I wasn't too far off, either. Florida came out very strong in the first half, keeping ahead and making onlookers question the "#1 defense." Don't get me wrong, I think LSU did a great job, but this wasn't what I was used to seeing. In a turn of events, LSU followed up with an atypical second half to match its first half. LSU is typically a team that comes on strong and dies off in the second half. Not this game. While the team didn't dominate like I would have expected a #1 team to dominate, they did pull the stops they needed to. After watching the game, I told myself there was no way LSU would remain at the top of the polls... well, until I heard the news...

USC lost!!! ...and to Stanford!? Thank you! The one-point loss wasn't a drastic one, but it didn't need to be. I've questioned USC for years and am glad to see someone lay it to them. Ok, maybe that's a bit to strong, but that single point did cost them 8 spots, dropping them to #10. That's a game I should probably go back and watch. The huge upset wasn't enough to get Stanford ranked with their now 2-3 record, but they do have bragging rights for a year. Hopefully the team can keep it up to prove it wasn't a fluke. Nonetheless, I tip my hat to thee.