New Features in Live Search Images

By Michael Flanakin @ 9:34 PM :: 1683 Views :: Technology :: Digg it!

Live Search Images now has a few interesting new features to filter your results. If you want portraits, add filter:portrait; faces, add filter:face; and/or black and whites, add filter:bw to any search query. I admit I'm not too sure about the portrait option, but the other two work quite nicely. I can definitely see these being of use in the future. Then again, that might be a niche search that doesn't come along too often. I know I could've used it for a project I was working on last October, tho, when I just needed pictures of people's faces. Damn... This would've made my job a lot easier!

If you're a Google Image Search user, I definitely suggest you check out Live Search Images. The experience is much, much better. I will say the result-set is smaller on Live, but at least everything was valid. On a basic search using both services, Google provided 216 results, where only 26 seemed accurate, while Live provided 14, where all were accurate. I admit, missing out on half the accurate images isn't cool, but neither is adding almost 10x's the real results with fluff. Neither service provided the full spectrum, tho. Google had a lot of the older images, while Live had the newer ones -- Live had 10 images Google didn't. Of course, that means Google had 16 images Live didn't. Obviously neither is perfect, but I still prefer Live. Look at them both and decide for yourself.