2007 Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Notre Dame

By Michael Flanakin @ 5:54 AM :: 1908 Views :: LSU :: Digg it!
I just had to say somehting about this. Today's the big day: LSU vs. Notre Dame at the Sugar Bowl Mobile-ready link. My girlfriend and her family are all big ND fans, so I have to make a big stink about the game :-P ND is a very good team and has had a great season; I won't deny that. In the same breath, LSU is just a better team, plain and simple. There's only one thing stopping LSU from taking this game: itself. LSU has had a problem with showing up in the past few years. They have the skill, but for some reason, they seem to let a few games go each season. There really is no reason LSU hasn't been undefeated for the past three years. Anyway, I could go on with that for a while, so I'll leave it at that. Yeah, I'm Irish and all, but this one's going to LSU. Geaux Tigers!