Effect of Dynamic Interfaces on Accessibility

By Michael Flanakin @ 9:24 AM :: 1532 Views :: Development, Technology :: Digg it!

Wallace McClure Mobile-ready link recently posted a comment on the fact that AJAX actually inhibits accessibility Mobile-ready link. I can say that I personally never even thought about this, as I'm sure most developers haven't. I typically work with government customers, but as of yet, Section 508 hasn't been a big issue. Despite that, I still view 100% accessibility as a goal I would like to reach in all of my projects. Let's face it, tho, even in projects where it is a factor, complete compliance is rarely obtained. The recent move towards highly dynamic user experiences makes me wonder why this hasn't come up before. Well, I'm sure it probably has, but the issue hasn't been raised a great deal, from what I've seen. This is definitely something to keep in mind. There are obviously intrusive ways to get around the immediate issue of not knowing when content has been updated (i.e. alert the user that something has changed), but I don't see that becoming the norm. I would be interested in a solution, but will have to wait until it becomes an issue for one of my projects before I investigate more.

If anyone else has any details on this or other accessibility issues/work-arounds, I'd love to hear them.