CSS in IE 6 vs 7

By Michael Flanakin @ 4:30 AM :: 1572 Views :: Development, Technology :: Digg it!

I just ran into my first IE 6 vs 7 CSS issue. This is probably the first only because this is the first time I've started a project with IE6 and switched to IE7 mid-stream. Oh well, here goes nothing...

Turns out the problem just looked a lot worse than it really was. I had nested DIV tags to lessen my use of tables and I set the background image on each of them to be fixed. This seemingly forced the background image to start at the left edge of the page, which I didn't want, since the DIV was moved to the right about 150px. After removing the fixed style (background-image:url(...) no-repeat fixed;), everything worked just fine. I was surprised. The layout seemed to be worse off than just that, but I guess it was just the images that were messed up, not really the format.