New Feed for MSDN Downloads

By Michael Flanakin @ 8:58 AM :: 2380 Views :: Tools/Utilities, MSDN Subscriptions :: Digg it!


In what must be a huge coincidence, the MSDN subscriptions team Syndicated feed just informed us about an updated feed for MSDN downloads Syndicated feed (link is to en-US feed). While I'd like to think this was due to the my prodding, I think it's pretty safe to say it's not. Besides, this is just a revamped version of the old feed, which just covers the subscriber downloads. The team's post sounds like it's a very good thing. I'm not sure if anyone else followed the old feed, but the quality bar wasn't very high. I consistently noticed that new downloads weren't announced. This should fix that. Unfortunately, it won't change the fact that you'll get a multitude of announcements for products released in different formats (i.e. ISO, EXE, DVD). At least you can get it for your desired language, tho.