PowerPoint Error: The printer "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" cannot be found

By Michael Flanakin @ 3:16 PM :: 3911 Views :: Technology :: Digg it!

Hopefully, nobody else has run into this, but I've hit a bug in PowerPoint that keeps displaying a dialog with the following error message:

The printer "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" cannot be found.

I'm on Vista 64 w/ SP1, but I don't think that has anything to do with it. While there aren't many, I did notice that others have also hit this. The problem is, nobody seems to have found a fix. After talking with people close to the dev team, it sounds like this is a postponed bug. I don't know what they meant by "postponed," other than, "it's not fixed."  The work-around is to reinstall the print driver. This surprises me, but there's not much to do about it, I guess. I wouldn't even know where to begin to reinstall the XPS print driver. Whatever. Part of me thinks it has something to do with a malformed PPTX file, but I haven't been able to validate that.