Invalid Firefox and IE Upgrade Comparisons

By Michael Flanakin @ 1:06 AM :: 1792 Views :: Technology :: Digg it!

Barry Collins, of PC Pro, is sharing numbers that showFirefox users migrating to Firefox 3 a lot faster than IE users to IE 7... well, at least for PC Pro users, anyway. Basically, it comes down to 55% of its users are on Firefox 3 after being released for 10 days, whereas IE users are sitting at 68% on IE 7, despite being released for over a year and a half. Nobody can argue the numbers and I'm sure we'd see something similar if we polled just about any group of sites. There's an important aspect that Barry is missing, however.

Firefox users are downloading the tool themselves and updates are done on individually from what amounts to nag-ware -- you are constantly asked to update until you do so. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with this. I'm a firm believer in staying up-to-date. I'm really just pointing out the fact that IE doesn't have this same forceful update mantra. IE is typically updated via Windows Update. if you don't use it, you won't get updates. This is very important when looking at cases like this because most IT organizations manage their software updates, instead of relying on individuals to update their software. So, when an organization doesn't streamline the IE 7 push, of course it's not going to get out. I'd put money on the fact that 95% of the 31% users still on IE 6 are there because of their company, not their personal lack of updating the software.

This stuff kills me. People are so hard up to get ratings that they present partial truths in an attempt to promote a half-ass story. Of course, I'm no better by encouraging and linking to it