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Tim's Rivershore Polar Plunge 2011 for the VA Special Olympics

By Michael Flanakin @ 2:15 PM :: 23953 Views :: Other :: Digg it!

I've joined a group of friends and co-workers to take part in Tim's Rivershore Polar Plunge in Dumfries, VA on Feb 26, 2011. If you're unfamiliar with Polar Plunge events, it's basically a bunch of people getting into freezing cold water to benefit the Virginia Special Olympics. This'll be my first year, so we'll see how it goes.

The real reason I'm posting about this is to share an info graphic I threw together that shows how much the top 4 teams have raised for this event. My team is #4, which is why I stopped there. As one of my early attempts at creating an info graphic, I'd love to get others' thoughts on it and how to improve it. Of course, if you want to donate, that'd be great, too! ;-)

Help 'Cold hearted Cache' be the #1 fund-raiser for Tim's Rivershore Polar Plunge 2011

Note that the numbers have been changing a lot lately, so I had to just take a snapshot and finish the image. I wanted to create an interactive Silverlight version, but that just didn't seem feasible given time constraints. I'm hoping I'll be able to take on more of these info graphics and push them out quicker as I get more experience.

I want to especially thank Joseph Williams (and Tina Garceau) of for use of the shivering man cartoon picture.